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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning

House carpet cleaning is something we do every day. As we said above we also can clean any other kids of rugs you may have in your house.

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Water Damage Restoration

Water Damage Restoration

The measure of the ability of a water damage restoration company is the type of workforce, equipment used and experience.

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Stain Removal

Stain Removal

We have several kinds of pet stain & odor removal liquids as wellthus you can be guilt free of those stains staring back at you.

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For your convenience, read here practical answers to your questions on carpet cleaning and maintenance.

Why is vinegar important for carpet cleaning?

There are many methods to keep carpets clean according to the specialists of Carpet Cleaning Montebello. Though, carpet cleaning won't be complete if you don't brush the fibers with a mixture of vinegar with water. Vinegar is usually helpful with stain removal but it is definitely the best for odor removal. It will also revive the colors and make them look beautiful. It's not only one of the best ecofriendly products, it's also natural.

Is the sunlight bad for carpets?

Too much exposure to sunlight is not good for anything. That goes for all carpets, too. Handmade Persian rugs are very sensitive to the sunlight because they are made by natural colors. If you leave them under the sun for long or keep them under a big window, the colors will eventually fade away. You need to protect their colors by completing rug cleaning with vinegar, which will make them intense again.

How can I maintain my carpet’s pleasant condition?

Generally, to keep your carpet pleasant looking and smelling, it is suggested to have it vacuumed at least twice per week. Professional cleaning is recommended at least once a year. Basically, you have to clean as you see it becoming soiled. It is important to promptly clean spills or stains. You can also use rugs in high traffic areas.

Why is good to air rugs?

Rugs can be lifted from the floor and carried outside and that makes rug cleaning easier. Handmade rugs need to breathe and the open air is very helpful. You can also shake them or beat them to remove dust. Natural materials need the natural environment and air will help your oriental rugs live for much longer.

How effective is rug beating compared to vacuuming?

One of the major advantages of rug beating is that it is done outdoors where all dust and dirt particles get carried away by the wind and there is no risk of them falling back on the item. At the same time, you have to be strong enough to do the job well. It requires time and effort. You may also want to put a protective mask over your mouth and nose?

Does scrubbing dirty grout with a brush help?

You can remove bigger pieces of dirt stuck between the tiles safely as long as you use a soft-bristle brush. However, this technique is not effective for deep cleaning simply because the bristles cannot get inside the pores of the grout containing dirt.

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